Santa Cometh

I’d like every kid in the world to understand significance in n-dimensions. Meaning? I’d like all kids to be able to discern what is significant and not so significant in space and time and other dimensions. This will take some explaining. But to get to the point, my gift suggestion for any kid in your life is what I just got as a Christmas present for my six-year-old daughter, Sophie:

If you’d like to know why, just ask in a comment. I’d enjoy an exchange with you on why this is my number-one pick for my own daughter and why I think my perspective could be useful to you.

Meanwhile, if you find yourself in a bit of a rush to get just the right present as fast as possible, read the Zometool Guided Meditation. If that fits, go for it! And if there are no significant kids in your life, treat yourself to something great for your own cognitive progress.

Finally, as to the perennial Santa debate, you can check out my take on the matter in Santa Goes East .